Curved Glass Pool Fence – More affordable than you may think

Some of our favourite jobs are those with a Curved Glass Pool Fence or curved glass balustrades. We are truly one of the few businesses on the Gold Coast with the skill and experience to actually complete one of these intricate jobs, and we enjoy putting our abilities to the test.

The Allys project is one of our favourite curved glass projects. Because our client had looked for so long to find someone qualified enough to meet their idea of an immaculate and elegant curved glass pool fence. They had a custom pool outside and they wanted the pool fence to curve around the outside of it. This job would require a little more treatment in the measuring up than our regular jobs. A curved glass pool fence task like this had definitely no room for error as the glass was to perch just outside the shell of the pool, so if it didn’t match the bends as close as possible then it would be noticeable when you looked down at the edge of the swimming pool.

Although when we install fully frameless glass pool fences we always care about measuring twice, when it concerns curved glass we don’t mind confessing that we prefer to measure more than twice– sometimes event seven or eight times simply just to be certain! This is since if we are off by even a small margin it can lose the effect, and considering how pricey and how long the wait time is, we certainly will need to ensure we get it right the very first time. We were able to mount all the straight panels on this job first and come back to install the curved glass when it arrived from the factory.

The Razor House task is yet another one of our favourites and it involved a curved glass balustrade surrounding an exquisite central staircase!

If you are looking at a curved glass pool fence of curved glass balustrade, feel free to call us on 1300 937 902 to find out more about your options, styles and pricing. It is a more costly option without a doubt, but the results speak for themselves! Also make sure to know that through this type of custom glass solution you may be looking at an extra 2 weeks to get all of the parts cut to length and curved. We have a gallery of these kinds of projects readily available on the website at Razor House Project and Allys Project.

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