Selling a house in Queensland Make sure you have a current Pool Safety Certificate.

Easy ways to maintain your Pool

Looking after your fixtures

After your Gold Coast pool fence has been set up, the job is not over! While Absolut’s certified team of Gold Coast Pool Fencing installers may have left, and you have a shiny new frameless or semi-frameless pool fence (and the pool) to enjoy, you should ensure you maintain it.

This means ensuring you keep not only your pool uncontaminated, and balance the chemicals, but make certain that your fence is looked after and not degrading at an increased rate.

One of the simplest parts to care for are you fixtures. Stainless-steel fixtures should be rubbed down with a damp cloth or if required use a mild steel cleaning solution. Make sure you don’t use any harsh chemicals or acidic cleaning materials.
Pool Fence Hinges:
If your pool fence hinges are stainless steel, they require the same treatment method as above, Plastic hinges when they are discolored can be wiped clean and if needed, use a little bit of tyre shine product to bring them back to a nice lustrous black.
Pool Fence Spigots:
Your pool fence spigots are much the same, simply keep them well-maintained with a damp cloth.
If you keep your hinges, spigots, and glass clean then you will be able to keep them lasting for longer. Just ensure that you don’t let any acid or metal shavings to come into contact with the stainless steel because this will certainly cause rust and decay in your fixtures.

While it is important to maintain your hinges and fixtures to avoid having to buy replacements, you have to consider that leaving these components of your fence unattended could cause safety issues. It is law in the Gold Coast and Queensland to make sure that your Pool Fence Gate can close promptly from any open position. This means if it is even one centimetre open, it should have enough power in the hinge to close. If it can’t carry this out, then it is not certified with the law and, far more importantly, it could mean that anybody could accidentally enter the pool area.

Hinges may have to be replenished after several years– but they should be adjusted on a regular basis if you notice that they are slow to respond.
It is actually quite easy to adjust your hinges yourself, and we have also prepped a video to show you how to do it.
** Link to hinge adjust video

You just have to use a small allen key to slowly remove, and move the hinge’s pin back so that it adds stress to the hinge, just like a wind-up-toy. Make sure you do this for top and bottom, and you can then quickly and conveniently adjust your gate so that it closes effectively.

If you ever have any concerns about your hinges, or dealing with your frameless glass pool fence, feel free to call Absolut Pool Fencing, we really like to talk about all things Gold Coast Pool Fencing and are happy to talk you through any dilemmas. You can contact Absolut Custom Glass on <a href=”http://tel:1300 937 902″>1300 937 902

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