Glass Slippage and exactly how your timber deck could be responsible

Glass Slippage and exactly how your timber deck may be to blame.

On Monday we visited one of our previous pool fence installment sites in Worongary on the Gold Coast. It was an undeniably beautiful home in Worongary on the foothills of the Gold Coast Hinterland. We have a fantastic memory of the house from the installing back in 2014 when we had to call off the pool fencing installation on 2 separate occasions thanks to lightning storms. Fortunately the owners were understanding and we became fast friends over the course of the construction.

So why had we came back? Well as it ends up, they were planning to move home, and there were a lot of tiny issues with the pool fence that they were really hoping that we could help with in order to get the property ship-shape for inspections. The main problem that they had encountered was pool fence glass slippage– this is where a panel of the pool fence had started to come away from the post and had left behind a small gap. It was not a serious issue, but can pose a small safety concern, and would not appear good when they were selling their wonderful Worongary home.
However, even though the glass slippage is the main reason why they contacted Absolut Custom Glass, it was but a symptom. The real issue was with their entire pool fence.
Unfortunately when they initially installed the pool fence back in 2014 they had gone with a semi-frameless glass pool fence system and wanted the pool fence installed onto a timber decking that bordered their pool. While it looked amazing for the first few years, we frequently find that timber decking begins to expand and contract with the Gold Coast heat. This leads to warped timber and can substantially move where the semi-frameless glass pool fencing posts are, and this is what leads to the glass slippage.
It was an easy fix for us to remove the glass panel, re-align the posts and secure them in the different position to take into account the new location of the posts. It was fantastic to see how satisfied the owners were with how little time it took to get the pool fence looking pristine again– thankfully no thunderstorms to disrupt us this time!

While this experience is just an insight into some of the work that we do right here on the Gold Coast at Absolut Custom Glass, it hopefully highlights a crucial factor to consider for you if you have a timber decking about your pool. If you would like to talk to us further about your pool fencing needs, any worries you have, or are dealing with glass slippage in your pool fence, please connect with Absolut Custom Glass on 1300 937 902

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