Does a Spa or hot tub really need a pool fence on the Gold Coast?

Does a Hot tub or spa require a pool fence if I live on the Gold Coast?

On the Gold Coast we need to comply with the Queensland pool fence legislation and regulations or deal with a hefty fine. These rules are most often applied to outdoor swimming pools, but if you have a spa, hot tub, or Jacuzzi ® (or whatever you want to call it) then you will also have to make certain you have proper fencing in place.
These rules will apply if the spa:
– can be filled with water that is more than 300mm deep
– has a has a total volume of greater than 2,000 L.
– Has a filter system.
Please bear in mind that this means that it will apply if the total capacity is for water deeper than 300mm, – that means you can’t simply use a normal spa and only fill it with 290mmof water.
If you have a spa that is regulated, you will need to make certain.
– A pool fence is put in that goes to at least 120cm from top to bottom.
– Self-closing and self-latching gates on the fencing that can close from any degree of openness, and.
– There can be no climbable objects found within 90cm of the pool safety barrier.
Spas, hot tubs, and Jacuzzi ® should constantly be covered and secured by lockable child-safe features such as doors, lids or grills– this is not simply for pool safety, but for the cleanliness of your spa.
You will also want to make sure that your spa– whether installed or portable– is fully compliant and safe with its electric components. This involves all electrical parts and pumps– each should meet electrical safety conditions and are appropriately covered to ensure that they can not be broken or be tampered with by children or pets.
You can ask the local Gold Coast council or a private certifier to evaluate your pool or spa to make sure it has the correct degree of pool fencing and pool safety.
On the Gold Coast we suggest talking to.
Andrew at Coastline Certification,.
Grant at ABC pool Fence Inspections
and Frank at Delf Industry Building certification

If your swimming pool is found to be compliant after inspection, you will be provided with a compliance certificate, if it not, then you should contact your pool fence or pool installer and get them to come back and do the job properly.
If you have any issues about your Gold Coast spa or hot tub and the rules that apply, feel free to approach Absolut Custom Glass on 1300 937 902 and we can talk you through the guidelines.

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