Have you considered Curved Glass Balustrade

Curved Glass Balustrade

Curved Glass Balustrade can add in an outstanding depth to a property, and some of our preferred jobs have been for curved glass balustrade. We are actually one of the few companies on the Gold Coast with the skill level and experience to actually complete one of these complex jobs, and we love putting our abilities to the test.

The Razor house was a spectacular job In Brisbane that had us develop a curved glass staircase for the high-end building company, the Thallon Mole Group 

In the centre of the stairs was an elevator shaft, so we needed to be sure that the glass panels were seamlessly cut because everything needed to fit together like a jigsaw. With Custom Curved Glass Balustrade you can’t just measure once, you need to go over the amounts time and again to make certain that it is right all the way down the millimetre and degree. After several site visits and some major number and formula crunching by our expert designer, we were ready to order the custom curved panels to be made. Absolut had the ability to supply the curved glass balustrade in a collection of eighteen panels that were curved and twisted to hug the stairs. Our best installers were summoned to make sure the job went smoothly and that we could finalize it as soon as possible. In the long run it was a stunning project that showcases the wonder of curved glass balustrade and how suitably it can tie a whole home together.

The Allys job is another one of our favourites and it included these same talents, but on a curved glass pool fence that really combined the impressive outdoor space and sights!

If you are considering a curved glass pool fence of curved glass balustrade, don’t hesitate to call us to discover more about your choices, styles and prices on 1300 937 902. Also be sure to realise that in this kind of custom glass solution you may be looking at an extra 2 weeks to get all of the pieces cut to length and need. It is a more high-end option of course, but the outcomes speak for themselves! We have a gallery of these works available on the website at Razor House Project and Allys Project.

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