Gold Coast Pool Fences, Your quick guide to pool fence posts.

Gold Coast Glass Pool Fences are a complicated area to find out. That is certainly exactly why we would like to attempt to teach everyone about the various sorts of Glass Pool Fences that are available on the Gold Coast. Pool fence posts come in a few different styles and so we want to let you know your options.


Fulll length pool fence posts are ideal for Semi-frameless Glass Pool Fence. These fences are simply a partial frame, and it is supported simply by full length posts. The glass is set into the posts using a wet or dry glazing method. The wet method is when a silicone is used to fasten the glass, and dry just means that we use a rubber insert that wedges the glass right into the post to secure it. The glass used in this particular kind of system is normally a 10mm thick toughened panel.

Each sort of glass fence used definitely will depend heavily on the ground that is beneath the glass and used to support the panels. If the terrain is not very stable and there is a risk that it may move with the weight of glass panels on top of it then this semi-frameless system with posts could be the best for your property. This is because the posts used are set into the ground and extend to the top of the glass panels. This produces a rigid fencing system with a lot less risk of the posts moving because the sturdiness of each panel helps to support the whole system.

It is possible to install this kind of system on a good quality hardwood deck provided that the deck has double joists beneath to make sure that the base plates of each post can be firmly mounted. As with most glass fence systems the more solid the base, the less chance there is of any movement of the glass which might put it off square. Glass panels that are not square can be an eyesore, and on top of that, quite unsafe.

This type of Glass Pool Fence system is great in the Gold Coast because the glass panels do not tend to flex as much as a fully frameless system because the pool fence posts render it more rigid. This system can also be combined with other types depending on what is most pleasing aesthetically and what kind of budget you have. As the glass is 2mm thinner than a frameless system it generally can be found a little cheaper, and depending upon what the ground is like where the fence will be constructed may be the best choice for a few customers.


So exactly what does this pool fence posts option include? This choice means putting in a swimming pool fence that consists of glass panels which have shorter posts to assist the panels. The posts only need to be 90cm out of the ground while the height of the glass nonetheless meets pool fence rules at 1.2 M high. The glass is the same as a full post system, which is, 10mm thickness and toughened.

This system is quite like a full post semi-frameless system apart from that the posts only run up to 90cm in the air rather than 120cm. The risk of this is that if it is too short, then you might just not be compliant because there is a chance that a small post could be climbed up on. That is why we set the level of this post at 90cm– this is enough for almost every pool fence regulation. At this height above the floor, this removes that risk, and the Gold Coast Council will not see it as a climbing up point, so it is compliant.

The glass extends another 30cm more than the post and is still set into the side of it using a wet or dry glazing system. Wet glazing basically means the glass is actually set into the post with a specific sort of silicone and dry glazing means that a rubber insert is simply used to wedge the glass in tightly. Both types of wet and dry glazing offer the same security with the glass, it simply depends a lot on the immediate environment as to what glazing system is actually used.

So, what one is best?

Whether you want to use a three-quarter pool fence posts systems or a full post system boils down to visual appeals. It is a personal choice that both offers the same safety criteria as any great pool fence. That is why it is important that you let us know when we are actually quoting your job in the Gold Coast as to what size post you would prefer. The glass will often have a little more flex with a three-quarter post that a full-size post, but the difference is very little. Of course, this method could be incorporated with other kinds of glass pool fencing depending on your budget plan and what you find most charming to the eye.

If you would like to find out more about the pool fence posts and the fence system that might be best for your Gold Coast needs, to get a free quote, or perhaps even to get our guidance on exactly how best to design and construct your Glass Pool Fence solution, get in touch with us on 1300 937 902 or see more of our product lines on our Gold Coast Pool Fence Website

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