New Gold Coast Pool fence laws, don’t get caught out

Pool Fences are an usual sight in the Gold Coast, however, with new Pool fence laws from 2016, many pools may actually be no longer compliant. So, this means that if you own a Glass Pool Fence in the Gold Coast– and even an aluminum fence, I encourage you to keep reading and see to it that you are not accidentally breaking the law or risking your kids.

These laws have just gotten more detailed and are tighter than before. Since 30th November 2016 all states in Australia have had consistent Pool Safety Compliance Rules.

If you would like to read the Pool fence laws yourself, In Queensland, these standards are found in the Queensland Development Code, titled “MP 3.4– SWIMMING POOL BARRIERS”. As with much government rules that are embedded in legislation they are complicated to read and comprehend for the common person. That is why we are hoping to bring some understanding to the people of the Gold Coast so that we make sure that you understand your obligations with your pool fences– regardless of whether it is a frameless glass pool fence or Aluminum in the Gold Coast.

A few of these new Pool fence laws involve guaranteeing that your Glass Pool Fence is properly taken care of, that it is more than 1200mm tall, and doesn’t have any large openings. You also will want to make certain that your hinges are maintained, that there is no climbable things within 900mm of the Glass Pool Fence, and that any home windows overlooking the pool are compliant with the safety requirements. If you are worried about any of these aspects, you can read more about it on the QLD government web page or if you have any questions you can call us on 1300 937 902 or learn more on our Gold Coast Pool Fence Website

It is very important to know that these laws apply not only to new swimming pools, but also pre-existing pools.

If you are searching for an inspector to confirm that you are compliant, we strongly recommend these businesses for the Gold Coast:

Talk to Grant at ABC pool Fence Inspections or try Frank over at Delf Industry Building certification, and also we love Coastline Certification with Andrew

If you are putting in a new Glass Pool Fence in the Gold Coast, don’t believe in companies that say they employ their own Pool Safety Inspector, they are not allowed to! It is a vital part of the sector that these companies should not be working together. It may seem cheaper to go along with a pool inspector that is being paid by the installer– but your safety and security, and also that of your children, is a truly high price to pay. So, make certain that your pool is correct and genuine the very first time by contacting a professional and honest Glass Pool Fence installer in the Gold Coast.

If you want to speak to us here at Absolut Custom Glass Systems about Pool fence laws, call us on 1300 937 902 or find out more at our Gold Coast Pool Fence Website. We pride ourselves on our work and will supply a free quote every time.

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