Care & Cleaning For Your Glass Pool Fence

Glass Pool Fence Cleaning, Don’t waste your time, try these quick tips!

If you have a Glass pool fence on the Gold Coast, you don’t want to waste time with Glass Pool Fence Cleaning, so we have some tips to help you clean quicker! Absolut Custom Glass Systems uses toughened glass for each of the glass pool fences we install. Certainly there are many methods used for cleaning glass, if you have one that works we encourage that you use it. If you are uncertain or prefer to try something new, then feel free to follow the instructions listed below.

for Glass Pool Fence Cleaning you will need:

– A soft indoor broom that will not mark the glass

– A plastic container (preferably boxlike or rectangular so a broom can fit in it).

– Hot water.

– Rinse Aid or another glass finishing item that is made use of in dishwashers. There many brands on the market and little distinction in what they do.

– Cold running water (for instance, a hose).

  1. Half fill a bucket with hot water.
  2. Place 4 or 5 tablespoons of the Rinse Aid in the bucket with the water.
  3. Use a soft indoor broom, and dip it in the bucket making certain it is all soaked.
  4. Rub the glass panel down with the broom.
  5. Rinse with cold water.
  6. That’s it.

We have been using this approach for years on our very own glass pool fences and often recommend this to our clients that ask us the best ways to keep it clean. Glass panels that are close to the edge of the pool do usually get more water splashed on them so they may really need to be cleaned more consistently then the others. We also tend to do this with our outside windows too, it works well.

This is the quickest way we found in order to get great results while saving a little bit of time. If you have a 15-metre fence around your pool, that could equate to over 36 square metres of glass fence to be cleaned up!

This method of Glass Pool Fence Cleaning is always great to save a little time, which gives you more time for indulging in your pool!

If you want to learn more about these nifty tricks for Glass Pool Fence Cleaning and how to maintain your pool, find out more at our Gold Coast Pool Fence Website or learn more skills at Our DIY Pool Fence Website or call us on 1300 937 902.

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