Glass Fencing in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Absolut love creating views to die for

Hinterland Custom Glass Pool Fences

Absolut Custom Glass has been offering and installing Glass Pool Fencing for just about 15 years on the Gold Coast and in the Hinterland area. We have performed jobs as far down as Advancetown and Beechmont and out West to Tamborine Mountain. As a professional in Frameless and Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing on the Gold Coast, our reliability has carried us through some impressive jobs over the last few years, and we are crazy about our jobs out in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

It is a gorgeous drive from the Gold Coast, we love our jobs in the Hinterlands simply because it takes us to such lovely areas, and the homes we tend to develop have amazing views. One of our latest projects took us to Beechmont to work on a large residential property with a sensational new pool. They had just put in this 10-meter pool a few days earlier, therefore they needed it to get fenced. We certainly suggested the Glass Pool Fence option because it would have seemed like a crime to wreck the amazing view that they had. It took us just over half a day to finish the project in Beechmont, and after we were done, the owners simply adored the look of their new Frameless glass pool fence.
If you reside in the Gold Coast Hinterland, do not forget that you also need to ensure your pool fence is properly certified– this means hiring a professional who is not part of the Pool Fencing company. We have a variety of separate people that we typically use, and would be more than happy to highly recommend. The idea of a pool fence certifier is that they will confirm that we have done the job correctly and it is up to date with Queensland regulations.  If it isn’t, then we will come back and fix any issues – as you can imagine we don’t really want to have to drive all the way back to the Hinterland, so we make certain that it is correct the first time!
Regional jobs pose a particular issue considering that we have to ensure that we are prepared for anything that happens – it is a long drive back to our base at the Gold Coast. That means we have to choose our Pool Fence Glass correctly, and measure right the very first time. We remain on track since we have been doing this for years, and specialise in these long jobs on the road. I have to admit, one of the greatest parts of this job is getting to drive to just some of the most beautiful parts of the Gold Coast, especially the hinterland region around tweed, Nimmel, Mount Nathan, and naturally, Mount Tamborine.

Whether you are building a new house and pool or just want to update your old one, Absolut Custom Glass Systems can design a glass pool fence or balustrade to suit your home design and budget. We love doing work in this area and wish to do a lot more in the future. Yes, we have a glass trailer and yes, we do travel. Hope to speak with you soon.
To find out more about our works and our services, find out more at the Absolut Pool Fence website or call us on 133 937 902.

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